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Registered as “Persatuan Pencinta Dan Pemulihan Haiwan Malaysia (WOOFF)”, we are a not-for-profit organisation founded in Malaysia by Jeffery Tan, a highly experienced and qualified animal behaviourist who recognised the severe needs of stray dogs and cats on UNESCO-protected island, Langkawi. These animals are all too often the innocent victims of life-threatening car accidents or abuse like rock-throwing and poisoning.

WOOFF is the island’s only animal sanctuary and the only place injured animals can safely rehabilitate, with a strict no-kill policy in place. We are dedicated to rehabilitate injured or traumatised strays and give them a second chance, either as permanent residents in the animal sanctuary or to be adopted into new, loving homes. WOOFF currently cares for over 100 dogs and 20 cats. We receive no government funding and are largely reliant on international volunteers and financial donations.

Our sanctuary operates a free-range concept, giving the dogs the freedom to exercise, interact with each other, and learn essential social skills. Only newborn puppies and severely injured dogs are kept in protective enclosures until they are healthy enough to mingle with the other dogs.

Our animals’ heartbreaking ordeals mean they often need specialised care like hydrotherapy for nerve damage, wound management, or trauma recovery. Dogs able to reach full recovery are adopted to new homes, while those requiring ongoing care become permanent residents in our sanctuary.

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