Puppies For Adoption

Updated: 26 October 2020

WOOFF currently has 3 puppies available for adoption.

Bruce and Wayne are 10-week-old brothers. They are now eating solid food and are ready to find their forever homes.

We also have a 10-week-old female puppy who’s photograph will be added soon.

Due to the puppies’ young age, they are not yet sterilised or vaccinated. This will become the responsibility and cost of the new owner. As such, our puppies are free to adopt, however we do accept donations on a voluntary basis.

10 weeks
Bruce and his brother Wayne were rescued at 5 weeks old after their mother died. The pups had just opened their eyes and needed regular bottle-feeding. They are now ready to find their forever homes.
Bruce is still too young to show a strong personality, however he is very affectionate and loves meal times!
10 weeks
Wayne and his brother Bruce came to WOOFF requiring bottle feeding after their mother died. The pups were 5 weeks old and had just opened their eyes.They are now ready to find their forever homes.
Wayne is still too young to show a strong personality, however he is a cuddly and calm puppy.


Thank you for taking this step. Simply fill in this adoption interest form below and we can determine which dog or cat best fits your needs and lifestyle. If you have a preferred animal please include their name in the first field. We will get back to you within 2 business days to arrange the next steps.

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Overview of Adoption terms:

Owning an animal is a big responsibility and WOOFF is committed to ensuring the ongoing wellbeing of each animal it has rescued. The following terms are in place for the animal’s protection.

  • Puppies are not sterilised as they are too young for this procedure. We strongly encourage you to sterilise and vaccinate your puppy when it reaches 6 months of age.
  • WOOFF is unable to cover transportation costs associated with relocating the animal within Malaysia or overseas, however we will help coordinate logistics.
  • Adopted pets may not be sold, given away or otherwise disposed of after adoption. If for some reason you are unable to keep your adopted pet, please first contact WOOFF with the option to reclaim.
  • Please provide updates, photos, and videos of your pet to WOOFF so we can ensure they are settling in happily.
  • WOOFF cares about each animal and reserves the right to conduct spot inspections and reclaim the pet if evidence of mistreatment is found.
  • Future expenses incurred by the animal, such as sterilisation, additional vaccinations and flea & worm treatments are to be covered by you, the new owner.