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Here are the most common questions asked by people looking to adopt or sponsor a dog or donate to WOOFF. Check our volunteer page for FAQs about volunteering.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

Most adopters choose to collect their pet/s from our sanctuary in Langkawi. That way, you can have a short vacation then drive the pet home. If this is not possible for you, we can often arrange for a member of our team to take the pet as far as Kuala Perlis and hand it over to you there.

We also know of a number of pet taxi services, like Omey Pet Taxi, who will collect the pet from our sanctuary in Langkawi and deliver it to your home. This usually costs around RM 380 from Langkawi to Selangor. All transportation costs are to be paid by you, the adopter.

Yes, WOOFF obtained charity registration in February 2020. Our registered name is Persatuan Pencinta Dan Pemulihan Haiwan Malaysia (WOOFF).

Yes, donations and sponsorships can be made via PayPal, domestic bank transfer (Malaysia), or international wire transfer. Please contact us for our bank details.

Donations are currently not tax-deductible for international taxpayers. In May 2021, we expect to receive approval for Malaysian taxpayers to claim donations up to 7% of their income for individuals and 10% for businesses. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, please contact us to discuss an ongoing partnership.

In most cases, nothing. Langkawi has a very large stray dog population and WOOFF does not have the resources to take them all in. We are currently operating at full capacity, however, we do organise regular feeding, sterilisation, and other necessary health care for strays. Our teams responsible for feeding strays are often the first to become aware of any severely injured dogs that need to be taken in.

Our animal sanctuary is not a shelter. Unlike animal shelters, we operate a 100% no-kill policy and a free-range concept, meaning our dogs are free to exercise and socialise on the property and do not live in cages. Only newborn puppies and severely injured dogs are kept in enclosures for their protection until they are healthy enough to mix with the other dogs. Our focus is on animal rehabilitation. Animals able to fully recover are adopted into loving homes while those requiring specialised care or ongoing supervision remain permanent residents of the sanctuary.

WOOFF is committed to rehabilitating injured or traumatized dogs and giving them a second chance at life. We do not condone putting dogs down if there is a chance they can recover and live a happy life, even as a 3 or 2-legged dog. We will only agree to put a dog down if a terminal injury or illness causes unbearable suffering with no chance of survival. This decision must be endorsed by a qualified and experienced vet who supports our policy.