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Some of our animals are not available for adoption due to specialized care requirements, old age, or trauma. These dogs and cats rely on sponsorships to cover their living expenses.

For RM450 per month (approx US$110, €95, AUD$150), your sponsorship will cover:

  • Food
  • Annual vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Required medication
  • Flea and worm treatment
  • Other expenses

The first sponsorship payment will go towards the dog’s sterilisation, if they are not already sterilised.

Sponsorships can be paid through Paypal (below) or bank transfer.

All sponsors will receive a once-off certificate of appreciation and regular updates on the animal’s progress.

If you can’t sponsor a dogs entire living expenses, you can choose to sponsor part of their costs:

  • Worm treatment – RM 50 per month
  • Flea treatment – RM 60 per month
  • Worm AND flea treatment – RM 110 per month
  • Food – RM 300 per month


5 months
Tommy was rescued after being hit by a car as a young puppy. He suffered severe nerve damage preventing the use his back legs. He receives daily hydrotherapy and massage therapy but his legs are not responding. WOOFF is consulting with the local vet to form the right care plan for him, which may involve surgery.
Despite his injury, Tommy is very friendly and energetic. He doesn't let his legs stop him from playing with the other dogs.
3-4 years
AB Came to WOOFF after a car accident broke her pelvis and both hind legs. After receiving hydrotherapy and massage treatment at WOOFF, she is now able to stand, walk, and run, albeit a little wobbly at times. She now requires specialised care and ongoing supervision to monitor her mobility.
AB is extremely happy, friendly and affectionate. She loves her human and furry friends at WOOFF.
2 years
Black & White
Janno and 8 other siblings were dumped at an animal shelter and scheduled to be put down. Janno was the only one rescued by a staff member and taken to WOOFF. He suffers from nerve damage around his head and some brain damage. He cannot properly open his mouth so needs specialised daily feeding at WOOFF.
Due to his brain damage, Janno isn’t quite sure how to interact with other dogs. Sometimes he gets it wrong and is quickly put in his place, but he is usually calm, friendly, and inquisitive.
18 months
Brown & White
Kupono was rescued after being hit by a car and sustaining injuries so serious a vet suggested putting him down. WOOFF intervened and recommend amputating one leg followed by hydrotherapy. He now happily walks and runs on 3 legs, but needs ongoing supervision to monitor his mobility.
You’d never know Kupono only has 3 legs! He’s still full of energy and incredibly playful and affectionate.

Sponsor Instantly Via Paypal

Each dog sponsorship is RM450 per month (approx US$110, €95, AUD$150).
You may sponsor 1 or more dogs.

After payment is complete, you will be directed to an online form to let us know which dog you wish to sponsor. We will then keep you up to date with the dog’s progress.

How many dogs?

If you would prefer to sponsor via bank transfer, please contact us for bank details.