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Want to help WOOFF but can’t make it to Langkawi?

You can securely donate to us via PayPal. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Donations can be a once-off amount or ongoing on a monthly basis.

Monthly donors will receive a once-off certificate of appreciation.

If you represent a business or organisation and would like to make a corporate pledge, please contact us.


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Or choose your own amount.


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All costs are stated in Malaysian Ringgit (RM).

Donations go towards general expenses for the dogs in our care, including:

  • Dog food – RM 120 per 20 kg pack. WOOFF’s animals require 5 packs of dog food each day.
  • Annual vaccination – RM 80 per dog.
  • Monthly worm medication – RM 50 per dog.
  • Monthly flea treatment – RM 60 per dog.
  • Sterilisation – RM 250 for male dogs or RM 350 for female dogs.
  • Cat food – RM 90 per week per cat.
  • Wheelchairs for paralised dogs – US $350 per dog. WOOFF currently has 2 dogs needing wheelchairs.
  • Specialised equipment (snappy snares) for rescuing strays for sterilisation or medical attention – US $213.25 each including shipping. WOOFF currently needs 3 of these.
  • Emergency surgeries for injured strays.

We also accept donations in the form of animal food, toys, leads, and educational materials in-person or via post.

Contact us to discuss the best items for our current needs or to donate via Malaysian bank transfer.

In addition to providing for the dogs in our care, WOOFF feeds 250-350 stray dogs daily and provides sterilisation and emergency surgeries for strays.

We rely on your generous donations to provide care to Langkawi’s stray dogs.